2tb My Passport Ultra Drivers

I have just connect My Passport Ultra to pc and drive is not recognised in file explorer and computer Management . I believe i need to install driver for device, Where would I find driver?

Thanks in advance


The driver should already be included in Windows … i’ve been using WD external drives (portables and desktops) for the last 10 Years and more and have never had to download any drivers. I just plug it in, Windows detects the drive … wait for several seconds and it’s ready to use.

What version of Windows are you using on your PC ?

Thanks for your reply Joey. I made a few changes in disk management and reformatted, renamed and everything works. cheers

The possible causes for such an issue can be an incompatible file system, missing drive letter, disk driver issues, damaged partition issues on the hard drive. In a worst-case, the drive itself is failing.

You can try below fixes to resolve the issue:

  1. Initialize the drive or drive partition

  2. Change/Assign drive letter

  3. Update Disk drivers

  4. Enable drive in BIOS

thanks Mikes2