2tb My Book Elite port problems

I’ve owned this device for almost three years now and no complaints or problems, but now, as of late, I’ve been getting connection issues. The insides of the My Book seem to shift around, especially the USB port. The metal part of it isn’t lining up with the hole in the plastic My Book housing. I’ve played around with it a bit, and its become one of the temporary fixes that I have to position the USB cord in some random direction to get it to work. Except that this usually fails and causes problems with Windows/Explorer.exe (and probably the data on the My Book is screwed). Is there anyway to fix the insides from shifting around like this with out breaking open the housing? Thanks!

It sounds like the port is coming loose fron the board. It the drive is still under warranty contact WD about replacing it. I’d get as much data off of the drive as possible before complete failure. If it’s out of warranty take to an electronics repair place and have them try resolder the port or solder on a new USB port.