2TB external portable drive (2.5")

Whilst industry-standard portable external drives in the 2.5" form factor typically have either 2 or 3 platters, is there any reason why there could not be an external drive with 4 platters?

It would presumably be 15.5mm thick (drive without the cover) rather than the current 12.5mm for a 3-platter drive, but it would crank up maximum capacity to 2TB, based on 4x500GB platters. I work in media and the bigger the disk, the better it is. However I can’t lug the 3.5" disks which are way too heavy and unwieldy with their power supplies.

So a 2.5" solution would be ideal, and I believe there would be a market for it particularly among people working in media (movies, digital photography, music etc.) who require tons of data space.

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Saves more porn too…

Yes definitely waiting for 2TB.

Western Digital is already late on 1.5TB which is proposed by every other manufacturer, I wish they could take they lead on 2TB portable hard drive. I feel the development of portable hard drive is somewhat superslow.

However I hope they keep it slick especially now that the Macbook Air and PC ultrabook are becoming the standard for laptops (plus now there is a new market segement with ultrathin hard drive).