2tb external hdd my computer not recognize the drive, after upgrade the software

All was fine, but when I upgrade the software and firmware  the drive is no more in my computer how  bring in back; please help me. I am use windows 7 pro.

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Did you ever get it to work?  On a firmware update you may need to power cycle, unplug/replug the power to  the drive. 

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Re: 1.5 tb external hard drive.  It installed on the HP computer running Windows 7 just fine.  When I turned the computer off and then back on it froze just before entering the password.  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Try reading this post… it doesn’t address password issues… since you use Win7, it might have a  somthing to do.


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Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately, I do not have a problem with the computer recognizing the drive.  It does and I can write to the drive.  My problem is that with the external drive connected when I turn the computer off and then try to turn it back on it freezes just before password entry in Windows 7.  So far, the only solution is to disconnect the external drive before turning the computer off which is highly unsatisfactory.  Western Digital says that I need to get into the bios (which I am loath to do) and disable USB Legacy support.  I have contacted HP but so far I haven’t been able to get them to tell me how to access the bios programming.  I have checked the boot order and that is okay.  Any suggestions?

Don Reid

You can enter in to BIOS settings while you see very first screen and pressing delete key or F2 key. (remember to hold the key one full second or more until you see “Entering BIOS Settings” or similar or PC starts to beep.)

Disabling USB legacy support on BIOS will also remove your mouse or keyboard on USB support. If you’re not using a laptop and access via USB keyboard will negate your accessibility on booting stage until you have your Windows OS fully loaded. In other words, you need to attach PS2 compatible keyboard to enter BIOS settings again.