2TB EARS upgrade to 4TB EARS+EADS

I have a Sharespace WD2000 (2x 1TB WD10EARS). After purchasing and installing the software for the above unit it all worked fine in span mode. I wish to use it in RAID 5 mode and needed more WD 1TB drives. The local shop had 2 x 1TB WD10EADS . I inserted the new drives and powered up and have not been able to get the unit to work since. After reading this forum I now know a WD 1TB drive in not alway the same. 

My questions are

  1. Will the sharespace work with the above 4x WD drives? If No, what 4x drives would be the best EARS or EADS?

2 If I reformat the drives is it ok to just use windows format utility and then insert?

It would be good to get this working again in any way either with the 2TB (Span) or 4TB (RAID 5) any help will be appreciated.



I cannot give a 100% answer on your first question as there has been many threads about EARS drives. Generally one has best success with RAID5 if disks are of same size and type, but different implementations of RAID5 are more or less liberal at this.

As for your second question:  Formatting the drive in Windows will have absolutely no effect.  SS wil not recognize the file format and it will be reformatted in SS.

When you say “have not been able to get the unit to work since.” - what does that mean?  Do the unit start up? Can you access it  in the web interface or by SSH?  My experience is that this should not be a problem per se. Managing the new disks however, can be.

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