2TB dead after 1-month

I bought the 2TB My Book Essentials on 5/14/2012 and it’s already dead.  Light comes on, no hard drive sound whatsoever.  Pushing the power button doesn’t do anything.  I’m using it for business purposes so I’m not gonna RMA it.  I have an external HD dock I want to try it on and if that fails I’m just gonna smash it with a hammer and throw it out.  I have other hard drives I can put in if the case if the case isn’t the issue but I’m not seeing any clear way of getting into it.  This one has no screws nor stickers covering screws like the instructions I’ve found online.  It seems they followed Apple with the way the Mac Mini was to make it a pain in the **bleep** so that people would RMA it or buy a new one instead.  Has anyone gotten into this? I’m getting close to just breaking it open with a screw driver.

It crumbled apart with a screw driver literally.  I stuck a screw driver through the bottom and the panels just came off without any force.  The HD is good so it looks like the electronics went bad.  I had tried it on additional computer after the computer I was using it one stopped recognizing it.

Did you smash it yet?