2TB Black slow to load files in Windows Explorer

I have 2 2TB WD Blacks that are incredibly slow to load my files when I open up the drive in Windows Explorer. I only have  800-900 files each on these drives. Yet when I open the drive and scroll down I can hear the drives making crazy loud seeking noises that are in sync with my scrolling. I’ve run the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool on both drives and the tests both pass. Note that these drives are only 1.5 years old and both inhibiting the same issues.

What are my options?

Thank you.

If they passed the DLG test, try to backup your files and format them. Also check if the link below helps. 


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My apologies for the delay and thanks for the reply.

I have tried formatting both drives but the issues persist.

Only thing that caught my eye in the link you provided is that the SATA cable and/or motherboard slot might be faulty.

Nonetheless, I find it very odd that both of my drives suffer from the exact same issue.

I will report once I try plugging in my drives into a different SATA slot.

Thank you.