2nd My Cloud copying 1st My Cloud

I just hooked up and installed two (2) Mybooks on my network. I transferred 2 folders to the first and the day after setting up the 2nd Mybook, I noticed the folders from the 1st were copied to the 2nd. Do these automatically mirror each other? Also, the files are showing in the 2nd device but the capacity on the Home page does not show correctly.

They shouldn’t be mirroring each other unless you have software synchronizing the data between them. Is this an “out of the box” configuration? Are the names of the drives different or did you leave both named “My Cloud”

Also just to be clear - is this a My Book or a My Cloud? My Books can end up as a network share by being connected to a router or the USB port on the back of some of our devices so I wanted to make sure I’m giving you accurate information.

This is “out of the box” configuration and my bad, they are My Cloud, not My Book. They are called My Cloud and My Cloud (2).

The files show in Finder for both devices and can be accessed and used.

Could there have been some confusion when I did the set up of the second one?

Log into the Dashboard of each device and rename them - I just want to rule out the OS getting confused- the (2) SHOULD be sufficient to differentiate them, but let’s do this out of an abundance of caution.

EDIT: I spoke with one of our My Cloud specialists from our Technical Support team - he said to check the properties of both devices to see if they have the same IP address - it’s possible you are only seeing one drive (fixing the name of one of these should resolve this issue) multiple times.

Changed the names to be distinct. Were acting wierd in Finder so I am rebooting them.

They appear separately in an IP scanner with different IP addresses. I am not sure if they were different before renaming, I never noticed.

That was it, thank you very much. The name change fixed it and the folders I copied are only showing as on one device, the 2nd is empty.