2mb sec Really?

Hi all i am transfering 3gb of music from my own folder to the public folder on the my cloud and i am getting 2mb it is taking 28mins this cannot be right can it seems to slow for a £100 device

I am copying from my cloud to my cloud not pc to my cloud just for clarification

Although within the same partition,  if you transfer from “different samba shares”, it will be as though you’re downloading to the pc then back again to the device. Worst scenario is doing this on wifi for your case I think. You won’t encounter such issue transfering within the same share.

My recommendation is to enable ssh, then sftp to the device to perform large internal transfers.

Hi thanks for getting back to me even tho i am transfering from samba shares ? that is the folder on my cloud to the same folder on the cloud public ? and it is direct connection wd my cloud ethernet stright into my gig ethernet on laptop and i am still getting 2mb transfer this cannot be right ?

You need to be careful with your abreviations.  You’re not getting 2mb (2 megaBITS).   You’re getting 2MB/sec  (2 MegaBYTES per second), which is eight times faster.

Yes, copying (or moving) FROM one share TO another, the data must transit your PC.   In addition, you’re causing the disk to “thrash” the heads by doing simultaneous reads and writes.

But even then, no, that’s very slow.   I get about 25 MB/sec doing a similar copy.

See if this gets your anywhere…


2MB Yes Not 2mb lol thanks for the info i will give that ago but i can see it being the my cloud device at fault as i can transfer from my laptop with gigabit to my pc 100mbit at 10-12MB a sec

Do you have another gigabit device excluding your cloud device to test transfers from your laptop to rule it out? You need to test every node/link on your network before concluding the cloud device is at fault. Even faulty cables, outdated nic drivers or wrong tweaks could lead to a bad or noisy network environment.

10-12MB/s transfer from your “gigabit ethernet” laptop to your “fast ethernet” pc is quite normal for 100mbps link. But you can’t compare this to transfers within two separate share folders as you already known by now that the data needs to make a round trip, shareA->pc->shareB and yes it goes the same even for USB shares attached to your cloud which why I recommended sftp to perform internal large transfers earlier.

The WDMyCloud manual did actually gave an indirect hint to avoid transferring large data from USB device but to link the USB device to your PC instead. Though they should have given a clearer explaination. Refer to the test I just did below, shares to shares doesn’t really work out well. I would rather ssh to the device and perform mv or cp commands that completes within seconds…

Within two WDMyCloud Shares:

WDMyCloud to Laptop:

Laptop to WDMyCloud:

I just Bit the bulet and left it copying all last night did not fancy messing with ssh Thanks for your help nazar