250gb external hard drive malfunction - siren noise

Recently had to have my pc remastered to factory settings, so I moved all my files etc to my external hard drive I got my computer back today, and had just began transferring music files back onto my pc, when the device started making a siren noise? Vista stopped responding and I had to restart my pc, After restart the device worked fine again and I began transferring more files, it made the siren noise again and I had to restart my pc. After second restart, the device stopped working completely. Vista makes the noise to tell me I have plugged/unplugged a device but does not recognise my external hard drive. I tried using a different USB lead. To see if that was the problem. When doing this, the device doesn’t make the siren noise, it is silent but still isn’t recognised by my pc. I tried plugging it into a laptop, it recognised the device, but a warning popped up and said that the device has malfunction, and vista cannot continue installing the driver for it. I had a look on other forums before I came here and read that taking of the case can solve this, I took the case off (I don’t care about the warranty, I’m pretty sure it’s ran out anyway) but this didn’t solve the problem. I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this, After all I don’t actually own the device, it belongs to work and i wouldnt be so fussed about handing it to them to be repaired, but like I said I was using the hard drive to back up my files when my pc was in repair, and in those files are some pretty inappropriate pictures of my boyfriend - sigh.

It’s possible the drive overheated and is damaged.


Sorry, I misread… Is it beyond repair?


Is it possible to post the model number of the drive for us to see?

I think the model no. is WD25000BMVU

Sorry I cant find that model number on the website 

Posted drive model belongs to 250GB 2.5" Scorpio Blue internal drive it is not released to open market. If you look on the back side of your drive, you’ll find the model number.

IMO, you have two options. One is to contact Data Recovery agent (WD support site) and try to recover your data. The other option is to destroy the drive beyond repair if the contents are questionable. Just drop it from fourth floor and spend US$ 60 or so to buy a new one for your company.