24 fps problem with WD Elements Play

I have got an WD Elements Play 2 TB player.
Usually everything is OK, but I’ve a problem with 24 fps in the HD play.
Unfortunately, the HD film is pulling, and I can not find the settings for the opportunity to 24fps, and the description should be brought under.
The device does not solve the automatic adjustment of image shake.
The m-TV Panasonic G30 Plasma Series, along tried all settings on the TV as well.
The TV never shows that 24p signal from the player.

My player P/N is: WDBACC0020HBK
Firmware version: 1.01.12

In the side of the FW is earlier.
Please help me, because so frustrating to watch a movie while is is pulling.

Well, here are the properties of being able to 24p, 


Meanwhile, maybe not?

Everyone is okay to display 24p?

That is the Gen 2 of this device, I think that the Gen 1 will have issues with this. What is the file extension of your movie?