24/96 confirmation please?

Can anyone with an appropriate DAC or receiver confirm that the Live Hub outputs 24bit/96 khz via optical with the latest firmware and for FLAC files? I know they will play, but has the “downsampling bug” actually been resolved yet?


Hi, don’t really know, but you can try checking the release notes for the latest firmware.


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Thanks for replying, but I can’t be confident in the release notes alone. The release notes for my WD Live (not the Hub) indicates the "downsampling bug"was resolved, but all the forums indicate that is in error, and the bug was supposedly resolved in the Hub but not the Live.

And unfortunatly, I can’t be that confident in WD support engineers, because they told me that the issue HAD been resolved in the Live, (again, in conflict with forum reports).

That’s why I am hoping to get an answer from a Hub end-user or two…


You can try sending a private message to  TonyPh12345, he knows a lot about this. 

Alucardx, if I knew the answer, I’d respond…

Sorry Tony, if you don’t know then no one knows XD. Well  10999 I think the second option would be to call tech support directly to see if they can confirm that info for you, check the link below.