2024 - Is there any way to get a My Cloud Home working if it hasnt been activated yet?

Can I update the firmware manually somehow?

My Cloud Home Firmware Update Instructions (wd.com)

WD Documentation (wdc.com)


Is there anyone who successfully updated firmware on a not activated MCH recently?
Mine is an older device and wont stop blinking.

Yes really. Did you look at the User Manual, Chapter One, Page four and look at Front LED. Check to see what the blinking means.

Yes I did.
It’s slowly blinking like every other MCH that has firmware related problem.
If the user manual could have solved my problem i wouldn’t be writing here.

I can’t activate it on WD’s site and when I try to access it through web browser it says: {“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

My last hope is this thread.


This has been answered for you a few times.

I am sorry you are living behind the Great Firewall of China, but that is something you have to solve yourself.


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