2 WD My Book Essential 3.0 not recognized in windows after bootcamp

Hello, i just bought a new imac, and after installing windows 7 with boot camp i have a problem with 2 WD My Book Essential 3.0 external hard drives that are not being recognize when i boot in windows. In order to make them work i have to unplug and plug them again. Then, they will work fine, but its kind of annoying to do that.

The external hard drives format is ntfs and i´ve already updated the firmware to the last available.

Any way i can fix this problem.

Tx a lot in advance.

Are you sure it’s not a Boot Camp problem? VMware is a bit cranky with some USB devices. I don’t know enough about Macs to help any more than that. Virtualization does have it’s quirks.


I really dont know, i´ve been serching 3 days for a solution and no way to find it. If i load the osx and use vmware the 2 drives work fine, the problem comes when i boot in windows. Then they are not reconigzed, and i have to unplug then, and plug them again in order to make them work, with all the risks that that means. Im starting to get a little bit fustrated.

I´ve also asked in the apple forum, but it looks like no one knows the answer:

There are a lot of people with the problem but it looks like there is not a solution