2 Usb drives - View as 1 list?


I have just ran out of space on my 1st 1TB drive so I bought a seperate one earlier today.

I have the WD Media player (not the live version) set up so that it does not display the thumb files and media library disabled. When I boot up the media player it defaults to video and then I can select usb 1 or usb 2.

On both USB 1 and 2 I have two folders, named the same, ‘Movies’ and ‘Television’. Is there a way that I can get the display to show both ‘movies’ or both ‘television’ folders in 1 listing? A combined listing kind of.

Would appreciate any help.


Start by posting in the correct forum.   This is just Live and Live+.  :)

But I can tell you that the Live and Live+ do exactly what you describe…

Don’t I feel like an ■■■■■.

This was just the first page that google brought me to and I didn’t bother looking.

Reposted in the correct forum.

No worries.  Happens all the time.  :)