2 TB WD "Red" NAS Hard Drive suddenly not readable on mac?

Hey I’m an assistant editor on a TV show and I was in the process of converting some Canon HD footage onto a 2TB WD external drive (mounted in an eSATA dock but connected by USB) and after the conversion, I clicked through to the drive in the finder only to have all of the files and folders disapear from the drive. I thought perhaps it was just a small glitch and decided to eject the drive and try connecting again but now everytime I even attempt to access the drive it gives me a message stating that the “computer is unable to read the disk” and only gives me options to either Eject, Ignore or Initilize. We just bought like 30 of these drives for the show and this is the first one to have this issue… I have no idea what is going. I looked up similar issues online and have tried many different things. Switching USB cords, trying different docks, connecting via eSATA cable and all of those options dont change anything. We used the green WD 2TB’s on the last season of the show and had no problems like this at all. I am very sceptical now on wether we should switch our drives over to a more stable platform because we cant afford to have this happening.

This drive might not work well with the docking station

you can initialize the drive since the data is still on the original footage

after that run First Aid on the drive

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After following your instructions and running first aid the drive appears to be “OK”. Let’s hope it stays this way.