2 part question about My Book Essential Edition (USB 2.0)

I bought the My Book Essential Edition a few years ago for my Macbook.  I just bought a new PC with Windows 7, but I just re-read that the My Book was only compatible up to Vista/XP/2000 since the 7 was not yet out  Should I still be able to get files off of the external and onto my new computer?

If so…

I do see the My Book show up as a device on the computer, although it does not recognize it as a hard drive.  So when I click on it, it does not open to show files or anything.  Do I need to do some sort of conversion or something since I used to use it on a Mac?


This might work to read from Windows http://www.catacombae.org/hfsx.html .The other alternatives are programs like MacDrive but it isn’t free. I think it should work on Windows 7 if it worked on Vista. You’ll have to try and see to be sure, but a large percent of hardware that worked on Vista also works on Windows 7.


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