2 my book essintial connected to 1 pc problem


i have an old WD my book essintial 1TB and it`s work fine , just one week ago i bought   the same HDD WD my book essintial 1TB , and the problem begen since i install the new one windows detect a new hardware , but  i cant see my new WD  although the new virtual cd of WD smartware is appear so i can see 2 virtual cd but only ONE hdd .but if i disconnect the old WD and connect the new WD and restart my PC then i can see the new WD my book essintial and i can store my file then i connect my old WD the same problem appears only the virtual cd appear without hdd .

i tried to fix the problem from computer management then ==>storage ==>> disk management  and the unseen hdd is there but its offline :cry:

help me please


I think you just need to change it from offline to online. Go to the left side and scroll down to the drive and where is says Volume right click.

thanks joe for your help but i cant do that


i tried to re organize my all HDD letters : C,D,H,O ,ext

it also didnt work

it`s like that the 2 my book essintial have the same serial when i change one of them letter and disconnect it then  restart PC and plug the other hdd it takes the same letter

and same problem i i connect the other hdd it will not show only it`s virtual cd will show

I should have looked at disk management before posting sorry. Go over to the left side where the squares that say Disk5 or whatever  where it says offline and right click there in that square and change it. I just tried to check . It looks like you right clicked out in the bar.

many many thanks Joe_S

it  worked fine


i appreciate your help thanks

Glad to help some of the stuff in windows is still not easy to find!