2 Mbs OR LESS transfer rate to Mybook Live 3TB?

I’ve done all the upgrades on the Drive and done as much as I know how to on the network sharing properties, but I cannot get the transfer rate faster than 2 Mbs and usually only at 800k.  Pretty much kills the whole point of the drive if I can’t get it faster.  Can anyone help?  I have several machines in my home Vista, XP Pro, 7, all are having same issue.

Is your computer connected wirlessly by chance? That would slow down the transfers signifigantly - especially if you have a “G” router. If your comptuer is hard-wired to your router, what else do you have going on in your network?

This router is only wireless.  There is actually no ethernet connection.  All wifi equipment is N based, but even at G I would expect more than 2 - 3 mbs per sec. 

If the router is entirely wireless, where are you plugging the My Book Live into?

What else is going on in the network - you shouldn’t be getting speeds quite that slow, but if you have a lot of other traffic that would slow you down. You may also be getting interfearance from other devices nearby - both on your network, and even non-networked devices like portable phones, cell towers, and other things not under your control.