2 MBLs, 3 PCs, how to set up?

I bought 2 MBLs as a data sharign and back up solution for my home network.  I plan on using one as cloud storage (MBL #1) for all PCs and the other as a backup (MBL #2) for the first as well as for the local drives on each PC.

1 - I plan to set up each PC to see MBL #1 as a shared drive, do I need Smartware to map the drives or can I simply do it through Windows (1 PC runs Vista, the other 2 are Windows 7)

2 - I’m assuming I’ll need to install Smartware on each PC in order to back up that PC’s local drive, correct?

3 - How do I back up the first MBL to the second?  


Yes, you can map it without Smartware, you only need Smartware to backup your files.

Just an FYI for those trying to do the same.  It isn’t possible with Smartware.  From one MBL to another, the only option is to use Safepoint.  However, Safepoint isn’t really a backup, its a copy.  Not what I need or want.

Seems ridiculous to market a drive as a versitile network storage option and a robust backup, but not be able to use them for both.

I contacted WD about it and they said nope, not possible and furthermore, there isn’t backup software out there that will backup one NAS to another.  Seemed like a ridiculous claim, and it was.  I dowloaded EaseUS Todo Backup Free and it’s doing just that for me.