2 HDDs mounted at the same time?


is it possible to mount two or three external drives at the same time?

Thanks for your help!

Grests Mutier



how would I do that? I connected the first extrernal HD to the front port of my WD TV, the second external drive to the back port of my WD TV.

If I select Videos section, only the files located on _one_ external drive are shown. Sure I can switch between the drives, but the I only see the files on the second drive. But how do I mount both external drives, so all files located on both external drives are shown in Videos section?

Thanks for your help!



Select Videos, then press the red button on the remote and select “My Media Library”.

…right… you have to make sure Media Library is enabled and then peruse your movies through the “library” rather than “disk by disk” which is what your’e doing now. The library will aggregate all of your content from multiple sources into one “library”. 

Is it possible to assign different icons to the USB drives? all of my folders work great with “folder.jpg” in them showing up as the icon, but at this top level of the library, where I am presented with my 2 USB drives, I just see the generic icon. 

just wanted to add that you can get a USB powered Hub and have both drives attached to the back of the SMP so you don’t have some cable sticking out the front.

then just make sure the media library function is on (as CFcrash79 stated) and both with show together instead of selecting each drive separately.