2 Drives with competing Public Folders, which one wins

I am running a My Book Live along side a My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Both drives appear to want to use “Public” as their root directory. When they boot up the first one will be “Public” and the second to come online will be “Public1”. The problem is that i am running a media server (PLEX) against the one drive and if I have a power outage it’s a roll of the dice on which reboots faster and wins the Public trophy.

Has anyone had similar challenges?

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This shouldn’t matter. It’s like having a “Program Files” directory on both a C and D internal drive. Just because one is there doesn’t mean it affects anything in the other.

Do both NAS’s have different names on the network? How are you mapping them?

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They both do have different names. I think the issue is with Plex. I ended up just leaving the older MyBook Live disconnected and just power it on when I need some data from it. Could not get around the “Public” issue.