2 different drives crashed at same time

I didn’t see another thread on this but I have had a My Cloud 3 TB and a My Book Live 2 TB both crash in the same day. They have both worked fine for over 2 years. I switched from cable internet to DSL and both drives crashed the same day. On the My Cloud it starts with a white LED and turns red and the MY Book Live starts blue and turns yellow/orange. I have tried connecting straight to computer and I have tried changing out cables all to no avail. They wont even get to the point the computer can find them. I have a lot of music and irreplaceable pics on these drives and would appreciate if someone can help me get them going again.

Win 10 Home 64GB
AMD E-450 APU Radeon HD 1.65GHz

Did you switch to AT&T?

If so, there’s a well-documented problem with their router not talking to the MyCloud, due to incompatible ethernet ports.

This can be solved by inserting an Ethernet switch between MyCloud and router.

Search the forum for ‘AT&T’.

I switched from Charter Spectrum to Centurylink DSL.

Also, I have a switch and I’ve tried it with and without it.

Okay, I was just trying to rule out an obvious possibility…

It seems unlikely that both devices have failed electronically on the same day, and the same day that your had a new ISP connection installed. Unless, in doing so, the installer somehow induced a significant spike in the mains supply to your property, or, in the process of removing the connections from cable router to DSL router, has somehow fried the network drivers in both devices.

But it is a bit of a concern that you cannot connect the MyCloud to your PC, and access it (there’s a note in the User Manual appendices about how to connect MyCloud to a PC in the event that your router fails).

If both storage devices were unplugged from their power in this process, it’s possible that they are having to repair file system problems.

In the worst case, you can remove the HDD from the MyCloud case, and access the files on it using either a Linux box, or an ext4 file system driver on a PC (e.g. Paragon’s ExtFS).

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Did the drives crash before or after the “switched from cable internet to DSL”? If after, were the drives shut down prior to swapping out equipment? Who installed the DSL equipment? You or the telco installer? What is the make/model of the DSL router? Have you tried performing a 40 second reset on the My Cloud? Was there a nasty storm right before the drives died? Does the My Cloud even obtain an IP address (if not set to static IP)? Can the My Cloud IP address be pinged to see if it responds? Can the My Cloud be accessed via SSH (if SSH was previously enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard)?


See the product documentation for the non My Cloud drive to see if it can be reset.

While it would be incredibly rare in general for two separate hard drive to fail in the same day. Anything is possible. If the drives failed immediately after the switch to the DSL service that would “seem” to indicate something went wrong during the DSL service install. Could be anything from a power spike (storm, power surge, etc.) to the DSL installer may have caused an issue that resulted in the two drives not behaving as expected.

One could always remove the My Cloud hard drive (which voids the warranty however) and attach it to another PC (running Linux or a Linux driver) and see if the drive still works and data is still available. If the data can be accessed it can then be copied off the My Cloud hard drive and one could try to unbrick the drive to see if it can be restored to working order.

See the dedicated My Book Live subforum (if you haven’t already) to see if there is any way to “unbrick” the drive and or access the drive contents.


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Wow thanks Bennor and Capt Paranoia. Lots of info here. I’ll go through and check these out when I can and get back to you with my results. Thanks.