2 backup programs

Hi- I am using windows 7X64. I have a ‘my passport essential se’. Nice drive. I am using GFI backup because I want to select the files I want to backup. Now, Smartware looks like it has some useful utilities. Would it be worth, and what would be potential harm, to install Smartware and just use it for the utilities?

Thanks, Howiem

Tkae a look at this video and see how you like it



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Thanks. Here is WD tech support’s reply: “We strongly recommend that you should only use one backup utility on your computer or else there might be some compatibility issues which will cause the backup to fail.”

But in their movie, that you referred to, they mention that third party software may have to be used. So I think I’ll just forgo using WD software for just  the utilities.

Thanks for your help.


If you used a password make sure you remove it if you uninstall the Smartware.


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