2 10TB Disks: both not working!

Hi, recently I got 2 10TB WD (WD101EFBX). They have been made in Thailand on Mar. 19th 2021 and these are the S/N: VCHSPPGP, VCHSKG4P.

Both did not work at all, so I had to sent them back. I wonder how it is possible getting 2 HDD both not working. We are talking about around 640€. Is there a way to check whether they are really WD products? Any issue happened in the factory on Mar. 19th?

Thanks, Roberto


How to identify genuine WD internal hard drives

There are key areas where you can ensure you are getting a genuine internal WD drive:

  • Manufacturing Date: When purchasing your WD hard drive, make sure it has a manufacturing date no more than one year from purchase.
  • Package Integrity: Verify if the package is damaged before buying. Original WD product packaging is anti-static, sealed, and has the WD logo.
  • Serial Number: If there is any concern, verify your warranty below and enter the serial number of your product to check the warranty.
  • New WD hard drive nomenclatures: Check our website for the latest brands available and images of what the drive logo looks like. Purchase our new generation of hard drives.

Please refer to this link for more information: Safe Buying Guide

Also, we suggest testing the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard.
Link: Testing a drive for problems using Western Digital Dashboard

Hi Neha,

thanks for the info. I checked both the disks, and it seams they are genuine. I got “out of region” maybe because they have been produced in Thailand but sold in Italy. They are covered till 26 May 2024. RMA is managed by the ecommerce company that sold me the disks, so let’s see what will happen… they have 60 days to return or refund. As I said, I was really surprise that both the disks did not work. Very strange.


Hi Dswv42, thanks for the info. In your opinion, is there any issue related to the “out of region”? I mean, should the vendor not be allowed to sold the disk to me in Italy? Or it is just an information about the batch, i.e. it will not affect warranty at all?

I just got a WD40EZAZ. Out of the box it just didn’t work or power up. Dead. Replaced with another one. Now the second one restarts randomly, tried 4 different power supplies.
It’s the first WD I’m buying in nearly 20 year. I have 5 Seagates, all working, the oldest one is 15 years old. Getting a WD was a big mistake.

I have four WD101EFBX, made April 02, 2021. None of these four 10TB drives work in my Synology DS920+ NAS. Synology says the drives are suspect. I downloaded and installed WD Dashboard, which does not see the drives. These WD drives are garbage!