2.02.32 No fix for JSTV then?

Since there is no mention of JSTV in the 2.02.32 release notes, do I assume it is still broken?

JSTV has been broken since firmware 2.01.86. It displays perhaps one new frame of video every 30 seconds, with a brief burst of audio. Which is utterly  useless.

I wonder if JSTV are aware that the expensive box they recommend, to watch their 30-pounds-a-month service… is in fact a sure-fire way of ensuring their subscribers can not  watch JSTV, unless they keep their box downgraded to old firmware?

Amusingly, the release notes for 2.01.86 stated “Resolved several JSTV issues with reboots, freezing, streaming stops, video start-up times and stuttering”. Isn’t that actually a list of problems introduced by 2.01.86?!

I am still using 1.16.13 which shows JSTV just fine. It generally operates quicker than 2.01.86 too. But it also has bugs that affect me… so I’d like to be able upgrade… but I need JSTV to be working… and the other bug reports in these forums are not encouraging either…

Hi Burninate, I haven’t seen other users reporting the same issue with JSTV, can you try updating to the latest firmware to verify if the same problems continues for you? You can also try doing a factory restore after doing the firmware update. You can always rollback to a previous firmware version if you encounter any problems. 

The latest firmware exhibits the same problems. (NB. I did factory reset, before and after applying the latest firmware). I had to downgrade back to 1.16.13 afterwards to get JSTV working again.

I have also since found out that the latest WDTV box has the same problem right out of the box (firmware 1.00.42), and also after updating to its latest firmware (1.01.30).

So, the only way to view JSTV using WDTV, is to have an old WDTV Live box (no longer available?!), and then keep it on old/downgraded firmware (ie. 1.16.13).

I have now written to JSTV regarding this.