1TB WDC WD10EZEX passes test but does not boot

Internal 1TB model WDC WD10EZEX-00BN5AD with 64 bit WIndows 10 stopped booting up and cannot view files directly.Drive passed extended test and quick test using DLGDIAG diagnostic software. Under properties there is no volume given. I connected the drive via a USB caddy to a Windows PC running Windows 10 to run the tests. However,if I try to open it in windows, there is a request to format the drive. I have coped selected files from the drive using testdisk connected to a Linux machine. It would seem that most of the data files are there, but don’t know how or if it can be repaired to a bootable drive again.

You can check after formatting the drive in appropriate file format. However, if issue still persists, contact WD’s Technical Support in this concern in order to get replacement if it remains under warranty period.

I had this same issue on my WD drive and it also passed the test but after few days it started working again.