1TB WD Black: Windows 10 Black Screen with the mouse pointer


Most of time when I press the power button, after few seconds, black screen appears with the mouse pointer. Hard Disk indicator flashes continuously, no changes and no error message on the screen. Even no change, if I press Ctrl+Alt+Del. It remains same till the time I do not press Reset button or I do not restart. When I press Reset button, only then it comes back with Windows Log in page.

I did …

  • double check the hard disk cable connectivity,
  • clean boot and even
  • windows re-installation
    but still the same problem.

I have one year old 1TB WD Black Caviar. And as per Data LifeGuard Diagnostics, I do not find any error message. I am not sure … this problem is because of Hard Drive issue or not.

Please help me to fix it.


I occasionally have the issues with my main SSD hard drive, which is the 840 Evo. I have also seen hard drives from other brands behaving the same way with no particular resolution or common factor except for pending Windows 10 updates.