1TB myPassport only showing 32GB available

I am lost…I even reformatted the disk and it comes back as still only being 32GB…please help.

Hello, try writing zero to the using the WD DLG or any other application of your choice, if that doesn’t work I would contact support and see if they can do something about it.

I can write to the drive no problem, it just won’t let me put anything larger than 32GB on it. I even have done some tests with Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostics. That shows that the drive’s capacity is 1000GB, but that the total space of the drive is only 34GB… I’m frustrated that I can’t use the drive to backup my laptop like I wanted to.

Are you sure that the drive is formatted as NTFS rather than FAT 32? Other than that, it might be that the drive is damaged and you may need to contact support to replace the drive under warranty, or perform the RMA online.