1TB MyBook Studio firmwire for Mac oS X Mavericks won't find the drive

I’m sure this has been discussed in other posts late last year regarding the issue of WD external drives not working with OS X Mavericks for Mac. But I think this may be another issue that I am trying to address.

I downloaded the firmwire and I connected MyBook Studio 1TB with an USB as required (as I use the firewire), disconnected all USB devices as required, but the firmwire could not find the drive at all. Why is that? How do I reslove this?

I hav enot backed up using Time Machine since November because of the issue that we all know about and I’m really in the need to back up my data.


Hi Nick,

first thing I would say is think very carefully before you install the I did this on my Mybook Studio 1.5TB and it completely fried my drive.

I am now at the stage where I have had to dismantle the drive and put it into a HD dock and there is nothing left on the drive, completely wiped. I too am a photographer and have lost a whole load of images.

Does not answer your question but hopefully a word of caution!

Thanks for your caution. Buying a new hard driver of another brand is an option if everything else fails. Judging from the posts in this forum, it seems that WD drives aren’t as stable as they should be. I will back up all the data from the drive into my iMac first.

How did you manage to get the firmwire update software working? It would not even find the drive at all even though it was connected by USB as required. I’m missing something there.

I followed the instructions on this page:


It had no trouble finding my drive. Wish it hadn’t. To give you an update I have scanned my drive with ‘iSkysoft Data Recovery’, ‘Data Rescue 3’, ‘Remo Recover’, ‘Testdisk’ and ‘Photorec’. Where there was once 1400GB of RAW photographic files absolutely nothing remains. Not 1 single image. All because of this Firmware that you are trying to install. Lots of cases on this forum of drives dying from firmware updates…

Good luck.