1TB MyBook no longer being recognized by my laptop...?

Hoping someone here can help me…

So my Toshiba laptop has some major issues right now, not sure what’s wrong…  It randomly locks up anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour after turning on.  I’m planning on formating the whole thing and reloading the OS and whatnot to try and fix this, but before that I want to get all my important data off.  So I bought a 1TB MyBook, and started transferring data over.  Midway through, the laptop locked up, and when I restarted the thing, the MyBook wasn’t showing up anymore on My Computer.  I then tried connecting the MyBook to two other computers in my house, and they didn’t recognize it either.  The computer makes the noise that something’s been plugged into the USB port, and the MyBook turns on, but I can’t seem to access it any way.  I just want to save my data here…  :(  Any idea what’s wrong?

Several ideas…

  1. How full is your hard drive?  If it’s almost full, that’s a problem. 
  2. When was the last time your ran virus scan?  You could have all kinds of problems if you have viruses.
  3. When was the last time you defragged the hard drive?  If it’s severely fragmented, that’s a problem. 
  4. Does the My Book show up in Disk Management?  Because it looks like you probably corrupted your partition when your laptop froze.
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“Does the My Book show up in Disk Management? Because it looks like you probably corrupted your partition when your laptop froze.”


I agree with this as this happened to my computer a long time ago - it froze, i re-started, it’s dead, and the HD’s corrupted when the computer was resuscitated :dizzy_face: … it’s a shocker but all i did was reformat everything and started all over again - one thing, though, that saved me a lot of heartache was that i was using several online sites to backup my important files and those really softened the blow of loosing SO MANY WORKS :angry:

Anyway, my best wishes to you.

Please update us in whatever solution you took.

warm regards from Manila!