1TB My Passport bricked

Hi, I was using my 1TB WD passport drive this morning when I got a pop up stating “delayed write / $mft”, I unplugged the drive and reconnected it but can no longer access any of the data, not such a big deal since I can recover the data from backups but the drive is currently nothing but a paper weight. When I try to format it as NTFS windows says it is unable to complete the format the only way I can write data to it is when it is formated into FAT32 partitions, interestingly I can still access and read the files off the WD VCD it creates when the drive is connected. I’ve also tried a firmware update which hasn’t helped my situation at all. Any ideas? Cheers.


You can format FAT32, but not NTFS.

Try this.  I can’t guarantee it will work.

1.  Run > CMD

2.  Diskpart

3.  list disk

4.  Select disk n (1 or 2); check the size of attached drive.

5.  Clean (all your data will be wiped; including if you pick the wrong drive).

6.  Go to disk manager

7.  Initialize

8.  Format to NTFS (don’t do quick; do regular which make take an hour or more)