1TB my book hard drive gives me the BLUE SCREEN

hello to all, i am new to this forum. i’ve read enough to see the vast amount of help and experience available here to users like me. i have a brand new 1 TB my book essential given as a birthday present. when i try to use it, my computer (for lack of better words) “stalls out” and then gives me the blue screen telling of a serious error. it seems to point to a driver issue. i run windows XP, use flash drives all the time in these USB ports, get automatic updates, so why am i having such trouble?  after reading many posts here, i am  getting disillusioned about external hard drives and their ease of use. i thought they were basically as simple to use as flash drives, just larger. all i want to accomplish is to transfer many VHS tapes to DVD, and was told i should go this route and buy a large external hard drive  to hold the files and keep them out of my pc until i can edit and burn to DVD. there may be a simple solution to this issue. i would appreciate any and all assistance. thank you up front to anybody able to guide me.

I have the exact same problem with one caviat  I have run the diagnostics both short and long and have failed both. So if there is a fix out  there please let me know .