Hello, first of all I’m sorry for my bad english and i hope you understand.

I have a externel HDD 1tb MY book Essential,  a laptop Thosiba Sattelite L300 with windows 7 proffesional.

When I boot my laptop with the WD HDD conected to it after the toshiba logo the computer freezes and even alt+ctrl+del dosen’t work.

In bios the WD HDD is detected properly.

IF I plug in my WD HDD after the windows starts it works normaly!

Do you have any sugestions?


I found on another forum a solution “to disable Legacy USB support in bios” and it works but i don’t know exactly what Legacy USB support is and how it will impact my computer

“Legacy USB support provides USB functionality in environments where there normally is not USB support.” what does it mean

first round:


second round:

“Legacy USB support provides USB functionality in environments where there normally is not USB support. Specifically, HP provides legacy USB functionality at:

* Power On Self Test (POST)
* ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
* Diagnostics
* Environments which do not support USB natively

USB devices support hot-plug at the OS level. USB devices also support hot-plugging the devices in legacy USB mode, but this feature requires additional ROM support. The table below shows what minimum ROM version is required for hot-plug functionality of USB devices in legacy mode. Servers that support legacy USB are enabled by default. To disable legacy USB support, complete USB functionality must be disabled by disabling the USB Host Controller in RBSU under PCI Devices.

Legacy USB support requires a system ROM that includes this functionality. All servers shipping in 2003 will have full USB support, meaning they will support keyboard, mouse, floppy, CD-ROM, and will support hot-plugging floppy and CD in legacy mode unless noted differently in the table below. The following table shows the minimum required ROM version to support legacy USB devices.”


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