1TB external HD is not recognized by the computer

I have a 1TB external WD HD.

(1) When I plug in the usb cord, the computer doesn’t show anything. Remains as it is. Otherwise, it makes a beep.

(2) When I go into MyComputer and list drives, the external hard drive is not found.

(3)The power light blinks or remains steadily on…but no response from the computer.

(4) My HDD doesn’t work on any other computers.

How can i solve this problem?? Before sometime it was working properly, but one day when i was using the hard disk, it suddenly fell from the table…and then a message appeared saying " you have to format this hard drive." I didn’t care at that time…thought it’s just a minor problem and would work…but now it is becoming a real trouble.

The drives partition is corrupted since it was dropped.

Check if the drive appears on Disk Management. If it does, try using a recovery software to restore the files or reformat the drive if the files are backed up.

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives


A droped HD is frequently physically damaged and often beyond do it yourself fixes. If you are thinking of professional recovery don’t try anything.