1tb external hard drive files automatically LOST! Need help!

Hi everyone,

I have a my passport 1tb drive for Mac (the one with password option). I bought it about 4 weeks ago (regret that so much) since my old drive was smaller, so I made a copy of my old drive in a new folder. I used it a few times and today I want to access my files and that whole folder is GONE! I didn’t delete ANYTHING from this drive before!, and on that folder I had lots of very important and irreplaceable work files and personal pictures that date years back!

The problem with software receivers tools such as wondershare is that files are recovered without their original name and not in the folders where they used to be, it would be impossible to go through thousands of excel and word files one by one, opening them and renaming one by one, therefore this solutions are useless.

The disk was new so I didn’t do any backup, (not necessary since I didn’t delete anything but how could I know thy files just disappear!)

I dont know why are my files not there anymore, does anyone has any idea? What other options do I have?

Thanks for your help!!

Hello Berseek1,

Well, in this case, you have to contact the data recovery partner so they can help you to recover the data from the drive, Moreover, you can also call us so that we can figure out the exact cause of the issue.

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Data recovery tools recover files with their original names however if macOS directory gets updated then it won’t be entirely possible for a tool to get back files with original names. Did you try any other tool? If not then you may try the second option like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. You can check the files through creation date; it may help you identify particular file. However, remember what I wrote earlier. If the directory was updated soon after file deletion then chances are impossible for original file name recovery. Good Luck.