180KB/sec transfers for WD2Go over the internet?

I just got my 2TB mycloud running the other day and it took less than 24 hours to copy over my 700GB from my desktop.  This NAS is definitely faster than my old My Book World Edition and i can easily get 44MB/s sustained transfers on my home LAN.  

But today after I figured out how to access myNAS from work i transfered 400MB and the fasted speed i saw was 180KB/s and i did a speedtest and and I easily get 60Mbps and at home i have 30/2 Mbps fiber so why is my download to my work PC so slow?

2Mbit is = MAX 250Kbit/s

so 180 is fair enough. get a faster internet connection :slight_smile:

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The bottleneck is either your home network UPLOAD speed, or your work DOWNLOAD speed.

However, 180KB/sec does seem slow if you have a FIBRE network at home. You should run the network speed test to verify your home UPLOAD and work DOWNLOAD speed to confirm those numbers.

It has NOTHING to do with the MY CLOUD itself though. It is capable of up to 60+ MB/sec via the Ethernet cable after which everything is handled by your home LAN, then the internet WAN, then your work LAN.

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You guys are right and yes since i do not pay an additional $30 i do not get the 30Mbps up, only down.  It just has been such a long time that i have accessed my LAN from work that i forgot how slow it is compared to 30Mbps.