128gb out of 300gb

Hi, I just bought a wd3200avjb and windows is showing only 128gb out of 300gb on it. Now , I looked on the internet and only found solutions for other producers, and it was installing a program to allow windows to see the big drives. So, what interests me is does WD have such a program?

p.s. the problem isn’t bios or OS,I dubble-checked , just saying so such questions don’t pop-up.


Check the pin settings that should be printed on the the drive’s label. Maybe the jumper is set in a position, which reduces the drive’s capacity.

Depending on the age of your machine, you may need a Disk Drive Overlay (DDO). I believe WD’s Data Lifeguard Tools for DOS can do this.

Can you tell us which version of Windows you are using? Any Service Packs? Are you installing this drive as your boot drive, or as a second drive? How old is your machine? Does your BIOS support 48-bit LBA?