10Tb drive only recognised as 1.1Tb by disk management

Trying to install a 10Tb Internal HD under Win 10. The drive is recognised in Device manager, but in Disk management it has a size of 1.1Tb that I cannot increase to its true capacity. Is there a piece of software I need to allow me to use the whole drive?

I’m assuming that since you say it’s an INTERNAL HD that you’re NOT using a laptop and some sort of USB enclosure or dock.

You sure your desktop’s Motherboard / BIOS support drives that large?

It’s a WD RED drive intended for a multi bay NAS. I’vre got it slotted into a USB Hard drive docking station to prep it for installing and replacing the small drive it’s replacing. Device manager recognises its size, but Disk Management won’t allow me to set the sice greater than 1.1Tb
I have some other attached drives in the 5Tb range, but it’s some time since I installed them and I’m not able to recall what I had to do to get them to work.

Large-capacity drives cannot be mounted on some notebooks or motherboards – this is something I am trying to overcome too.

Reason is the chipset on the motherboard simply does not support that capacity. If you have used a 5TB drive before, the chipset supports it and Windows recognizes that capacity.

To test, use a free third-party drive partitioning software (not Windows’ Disk Management) to check the drive. It should correctly read the capacity of the drive IF your computer supports it.

If the software can detect the drive correctly, use it to partition the disk to sizes that can be supported by Windows (5TB is a safe figure since you have mounted a 5TB drive before).

I hope that this will work for you.

Mounted the 10Tb drive in my USB3 NAS rather than the USB2 SATA docking station. Bingo! Everything works as it should. Drive size correctly identified by disk Man. Disk correctly configured problem solved!
Thanks All.

I had the same problem, but with 10 TB HDD. Eventually installation of the latest storage driver has helped me. For Z400 - Intel Rapid Storage Technology Utility and Driver for Microsoft Windows Rev. and Rev