1080p/24 makes screen go black

Trying to figure out what is going on. Bought a unit at Bestbuy last week and I guess it’s the gen4 and updated the firmware to the newest one.

If I put a bluray disc into my Sony bluray player and turn the player on my Sony TV tells me it outputs 1080p60 (menu) and when I play the disc it automatically switches to 1080p24 no problem. If I hit home, stop or back, it automatically pops back to the menu and 1080p60 in about 1 second no problem.

However, whenever the WDTV player switches from the menu 1080p60 to playing a 24Hz file, for example the exact same bluray disc remuxed into an mkv file, the TV shows 1080p24 so it looks like it detects it, but as soon as the movie starts to play, the video screen stays black. The audio plays just fine which is how I know it is playing at all. It I change my input to another one and then switch back to WDTV it shows up and plays fine. However if I then want to go back to the menu of the WDTV, the TV detects 1080p60 but then stays black again. I have to do the switch input technique to make it show up.

Any ideas what is going on and how to fix it?

Obviously, the settings I am using for the above is auto everything with match framerate on. However, if I manually put the WDTV to output 1080p/24 12bit, it seems to work fine. However, what will that do if I try tp play a non 24Hz file…I assume it can’t automatically switch to 1080p60 - is the WDTV going to “convert” the video to 24Hz, can the video player even do that?

Any help much appreciated…thanks.

I should probably point out my system setup.

Sony Bluray BDP-S590–>HDMI–>Yamaha Receiver–>HDMI–>Sony Bravia KDL40EX640

Then, I disconnected the HDMI cord from the bluray player and plugged it into the WDTV, so…

WDTV WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN–>HDMI–>Yamaha Receiver–>HDMI–>Sony Bravia KDL40EX640

Only change was the player itself.

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It would be quite helpful to share the Media Info for affected files:


So i put my bluray player back and with a new HDMI cord used up my last HDMI port on my receiver and now it seems to work fine. Don’t know if it was the cord or what but I’m not gonna mess with it…working good now.

thx again