1 Win 10 PC, Multiple User w/wo admin privelage?

I have a Win 10 64 PC with multiple users with mixed privilege. The PC in question is used for Systems Administration and general office use. As far as My Cloud for EX4 is concerned all is fine as far as administration and it’s user accounting but when the general user logs in I find that there is only the admin login available in the My Cloud SW.

The question is how do I get admin access to My Cloud and the dashboard from the administrators account and when a general user logs in get only the user privilege My Cloud App to function. At this time when I attempt to run the My Cloud SW from any user account I only have the admin user displayed in the login user selection box and there are two other users registered within the EX4 HW without admin privilege.

Hi, I have not tried this, lets see if one of the more knowledgeable users are able to provide any information on guidance.