1 WD Duo 6TB + 1 WD Duo 6 TB connected via USB?


I just set up my first Duo 2 x 3 TB but figured it will not be too long before my data will extend 3 TB. So my idea is, instead of using 1 Duo with RAID for 3 TB, I use the full 6TB of storage and then connect another DUO  to it via USB.
 So I could save 6 TB on the first DUO and back them up to the second DUO.


  • would this setup work?

  • could I synchronise those 2 drives (mirroring DUO 1) automatically? (I will backup remotely via personalCloud) and, if yes,  how would this be done best? (on Windows)

would appreciate your help.


No, that won’t work because you cannot connect Duo-to-Duo via USB.