1 Terabyte stops working after little fall


Please VIPs, my WD 1 tb Hard disk just fell a little distance from the floor with my Laptop hibernated. Not a big fall I however guess. On putting on the PC, it at first displayed G: not showing any other thing.

When I eventually pulled the USB connector in and out like 3 times, it stopped detecting it completely. Being battling with it for almost 8 hours. Please help. I have just learnt again not to put all my life on a hard drive.

Some time ago, it displayed YOU NEED TO FORMAT THE DRIVE before using it. But not again.

It’s not up to 3 months I bought it. Please help me guys. I know i can get it working again. What should I do?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your drive is probably junk. Some people have ruined them just by tipping them over on the desk. A HD is pretty delicate and it doesn’t take much of a bump to damage disk or heads.


Hi there !!!

I have similar isssue here. In short,

  • my WD did fall and not showing up in list of drives (WIndows OS)

  • initiatilly a couple of times it asked me to format the disk, now its not even asking

  • Taskbar still shows icon which comes normally when media is plugged. (“Safely remove hardware and eject media”)

I am not sure whether its under warranty (lost memos n notes).

I had precious data and it will be great help if tech masters here can give me data recovery tips.



Like my post above they are delicate. The fall most likely voided the warranty. About the only way to get the data off it now is with professional data recovery and it will be really expensive.


Hi there,

Thanks for your interest and reply.

I completely agree that recovery services are too costly… though I hope there are free online recovery tools which can help.

I tried TESTDISK data receovery, though it did not help. Loosing imp data is painful and going through paid recovery is more painful :frowning:

Any suggestion on online free/cheaper recover service would be a great help !!! Please !!