1 TB WD Elements hard drive not recognised

Hey there!

I’m new at the WD Community forums and I have a problem with one of my external hard drives.

On 14 December 2013, I purchased the Western Digital 1 TB WD Elements black portable hard drive that I bought from nhts on eBay for $84.17. It wasn’t until Christmas morning when I started using the drive.

I used it on the Compaq TC1000 tablet computer (1 GHz Transmeta Cruesoe processor w/Windows XP SP2) and the drive worked for only three days and then I wound up getting MFT errors causing the USB drive to completely malfunction.

The drive is under warranty. However, I cannot find the paperwork including the receipt that I purchased. I only have the manual for the portable hard drive and I can assure that there is warranty information regarding the unit.

The part number found on the back of the 1 TB WD Elements portable hard drive is WDBUZG0010BBK-03.

The portable drive now does not work at all when I connect to any of the USB ports on my new computer, nor that I can connect it on any other computers that have a USB 2.0 port. At one time, using a different USB 3.0 port even caused a USB power surge on one of the USB ports on my machine.

Update: The USB portable hard drive would connect to any of the USB ports for up to 7 seconds, the drive activity light would start blinking and then the drive would quit working. This is regardless of what USB 3.0 port that I use.

Is there any way how this can be fixed? I hate having to pay $84 to get the defective drive replaced even though there are still three drives available on eBay! :cry:

Thank you for your time.

You should be able to process an online RMA for your hard drive.



Thank you very much for the help.

I will be able to find a way to process an online RMA for my faulty hard drive.