1 TB WD Easystore says it's full, but only backs up 541 GB

My 1 TB WD Easystore says it’s full & has stopped backing up. It’s set to back up my C drive, which only contains 541 GB. How is my Easystore full?? It was working fine until my PC auto recorded so many videos that my C drive was full. The Easystore said it was full soon after. I cleaned out all the videos & my C drive was back to 541 GB full. I assumed the Easystore would back up & straighten itself out once it backed up only the 541 GB in the C drive & not a full C drive. It did not. I thought the Easystore was supposed to copy over the last backup with the new one? I was going to erase the easystore & start over until the user manual mentioned that erasing would also erase all the WD software & that I’d have to download it all to make it work again. I couldn’t find that download, so here I am…asking for help. Is there a way to go in the Easystore & manually delete all the backed up files & start over without erasing the entire drive? I can’t even find the files that have been backed up in it.

Hello scotpiper,

You can refer the link provided below to download WD Backup software and solutions for concern related to WD Backup software.

WD backup software download link


If issue persist contact WD support for assistance by following the link provided below.