1.5 T Book, Partioned then moved to a new computer. 1 Partition shows as Raw. WDTools won't install

The 1.5 T MyBook (I think elite) is partioned into two drives. One locked the other opened. I moved the drive to a different laptop. The drive is recognized but the locked partition shows up as Raw. When I attempt to install WDTools, it states the drive must be formatted. Of course that would lose all the data on the drive. 

What I need to do is somehow unlock the drive, but to do so requires access to the tools. 

The other partion is working fine. 

How do I get past the issue with asking to format?


How do I install the tools while the drive shows up as raw?

If I format, then I lose all the data, and this is just not an option. That data is critical, and that’s why it was on a locked drive. 

The other computer is not available any longer so I can’t go back to it.

Try it on the original PC and see if it still works there. Having a password set complicates things since there is no reset or bypass. What OS are involved?


My original problem statement included this line: “The other computer is not available any longer so I can’t go back to it.”

The other computer was windows server 2008 r2, this computer’s os is Windows 7.

As I recall now, the drive showing up as a ‘Raw’ drive might have been locked originally, but then I unlocked it since it kept requesting a password. Meaning I removed the lock.