1.11.14 Rollback to .13 frozen at 0%

So I have been afflicted by various bugs in this latest firmware .14 and thought I would just roll back to .13. I followed the instructions here: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/~/how-to-roll-back-the-firmware-on-a-wd-tv-live-hub-media-center-or-wd-tv-live I put the files on a USB Drive and rebooted and inserted the drive. It found the “new” firmware and … now it is stcuk at 0% - and has been for a long while with no movement. It’s a good thumbdrive - and I have used it with this media player often. Of course, I am afraid of turning this into a brick now. Any suggestions? 

Hello mate,

Few suggestions,

Try a different firmware version.

Try downloading the same firmware again

You can write zeros to the thumbdrive and copy the files again

Ragdexx - I killed the power and then used a different thumb drive. Plugged it in and powered up. Never got off the flash screen. While that was doing that, I full formatted the thumb drive, and put 1.11.14 firmware on it. Tried that - and I got the splash screen only. I pulled the USB and rebooted… same result. Looks like I bricked it. I’m working with WD now - it looks like they are going to send me a new box. I really can’t complain much after that… Although I really do wish they would build in the option to “revert back to previous firmware” on these boxes. With the issues that pop up on the revisions… I think that it would be a life-saver for those less technical.