- forgetting everything but latest network login details

Hi Guys,

I have a WD TV Live.

Upgrade to from something .17 and it seems that the wdtv live is unable to keep more than the latest username and password for the network share…

I’ve tried the basics i.e. turn off auto login then cleared the logins and still the same thing.

I can login to any share on my network but the wd tv only seems to keep the latest share I’ve logged into. 

Is this a well known bug in this firmware version? there seems to be mentions on it in places…

Perhaps adding a sticky topic listing known bugs per firmware version would help everyone?

Welcome to the forums.

After updating the firmware you need to do a system reset (and, of course, reestablish your network and all your settings).

I’m not sure I know what you mean.

First, the WDTV will ONLY remember the LAST USER logged in.

Shares are a different matter, hence my confusion.

If you have multiple folders shared by the same user, those should all be visible after logging in as that user.

If you have multiple folders shared by DIFFERENT users, and password-protected sharing is ENABLED, then you will only see the folders shared by the user you log in as.

If you have multiple folders shared by different users and password-protected sharing is DISABLE, then you will only see folders for which the permissions allow “EVERYONE” to read.

You cannot log in as multple users simultaneously; that’s by design.  But that was the same in 0.17, too, and all firmware before that.

So, if I’m missing the point, help me out.  ;)


Basically I’m connecting to numerous shares on my network including.

Win 7 box

2008R2 server

QNAP TS-210v2

so if I set the username/pass the same for all the shares will that work or am I forever cursed to login everytime I change network shares if they are on different machines? Not interested in putting anything in a non password protected folder


as i know this is a well known issue with this firmware. That was the reason taht i downgrade my WD TV Live to back for previous version of firmware :cry:

I wrote earlier:

"04-01-2010 11:56 AM

There is a big issue for me in this release. I have two PC with WinXP with shares. If i give the username/pw and after i go to other PC to play something, the WD LIVE forget the previous username/pw. WD can memorize only one username/password for one PC. This is very unconfortable, if you have more than one PC in your network with shares. This was the same situation in prerelease. So i had to downgrade to 1_01_24 again. :cry:"

it’s very streange !!! – all worked very good, but this evening i must enter the log/pass for each pc ! --they are the same lo/pass but WD doesn’t recongnise it – I don’t anderstand why, befor that’s worked well With firm, that works fine !

Same problem here. Both of my “Servers” have the same username and password to login to it, but if I connect to server 1, then go back to the menu to select server 2, I will have to input the username and password again. If I always select the same server, it won’t ask me for a password. But if I go back and try to connect to server 1 again, I will have to re-enter my credentials.

I can confirm this.

I have all my shares protected by username and password, and WDTV Live is saving just the last login credentials (I am running firmware

I have already tried restore factory configurations and I even reinstalled the firmware, but the problem remains.

And I do not agree that this is “by design”. I have three other media players (TVix6500A, Xtreamer and Zinwell ZP-500) and *all other* players are capable of saving multiple login credentials.

So IMHO it is indeed a BUG, and I hope that WD fixes it in the next firmware.

BTW, it is about time for us to have a pre-release firmware.  It has been more than 2 months since the last pre-release firmware…