0 new items

After the latest firmware upgrade now it always shows “0 NEW ITEMS” ecen when I put new files on it. Anyone know how to fix this?  I tried resetting it from the menu but that didn’t help.

I think this is a bug, I have added lost of new videos and nothing, it stay always in 0.

Funny, now that I remember, before, it was a but crazy, it use to say, 1000 new videos, then I turn off the WD TV  and when power back, 67 new videos…

If you go to setup and then to media library and select clear library the hub will re-compile your library again . This will not delete any videos or music etc

Mine changes,now.

I installed the new firmware and it wasn’t updating. So, as always after a firmware upgrade, I did a full reset on it and it started updating. But I don’t know what causes it to update or what the number is supposed to represent so I really don’t pay it much mind.

We may be talking about two different things.

On the VIDEO TAB itself, it may say “0 new items” if there haven’t been any additions in the DEFINED THRESHOLD.

You can set the Threshold in the SETUP menu to count only items from the last day, week, month, year, whatever…

flhthemi, do you mean “restart” or do you actually “reset” it?  If you reset you’'d need to setup the video settings etc all over again wouldn’t you?

Did what Tony said and ‘restarted’ it and my new files DO shop up now, thanks all.