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Be respectful.

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Be relevant.

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Keep your word.

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Protect privacy - yours and others.

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Remember, this is user-generated content.

  • You’ll find plenty of good advice here, but remember that your situation, configuration, or implementation may vary from that of the individual sharing a solution.
  • Some advice you find here may even be wrong. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a user-to-user community. If you are looking for technical support, please contact WD customer support directly.

Keep it legal.

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No Spamming/Advertising.

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Not a Legal Venue.

  • The WD Community is not a legal venue, and as such any discussion of litigation (past, present or future) is not allowed.
  • WD reserves the right to remove any content and to limit participants’ access to the WD Community if this type of content is posted.

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